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The Deniers

Esteemed philosopher Galen Strawson has a very good piece on the poverty of materialism as an explanation for consciousness (“The Consciousness Deniers”). He traces the lineage from early behaviorism to Dennett-style functionalism, leading to the absurdity that is reductive materialism: … Continue reading

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I Am Enough

Just published is the children’s book I Am Enough by Grace Byers and‎ Keturah A. Bobo: I Am Enough is the picture book everyone needs. This is a gorgeous, lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being … Continue reading

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TAC v. Commentary

In boomer, CivNat journals like TAC, things like this are routine. First, in Commentary, Noah Rothman writes a derisive piece against ‘nationalists’, expressing his latent fear that ‘blood and soil’ nationalism is a real threat in both Europe and the … Continue reading

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Double Murderer Paroled

How the f*ck is this allowed to happen? (Note: Officer Piagentini was white, and Officer Jones was black.): A cold-blooded killer who gunned down two New York City police officers nearly half a century ago is set to walk free … Continue reading

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The Root Cause of Shia’s Savannah Meltdown

From a long Esquire profile of Shia LaBeouf: We’ve walked Descanso’s manicured grounds, through sun-sprinkled oak groves and rows of lilac shrubs. We sit down on a weathered wood bench beneath a crab-apple tree. LaBeouf is ready to talk about … Continue reading

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Cult TV

Wow, it appears the ‘Church’ of Scientology has its own TV channel premiering in the next 24 hours.

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Black Panther Says Tony Stark’s Days Are Numbered

Joe Robert Cole, co-writer of the Black Panther film, spoke at SXSW recently. Cole believes, apparently due to the success of Black Panther the Novelty, that audiences want more woke films, and that Tony Stark’s days are numbered: Responding to … Continue reading

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Michael Brendan Dougherty: “Confiscating the Nation”

Writing in NR (of all places), Michael Brendan Dougherty has a rather bold piece titled “Confiscating the Nation”. The opening salvo: If post-nationalists succeed in deconstructing national loyalties, they will find that loyalties based on blood or creed come roaring … Continue reading

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Another Wrinkle

Of A Wrinkle In Time, even liberal Richard Brody has some reservations: Whereas L’Engle’s book is replete with explicit Christian citations, the movie offers no overt religious references, not even any overt spirituality (other than a passing reference to faith … Continue reading

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Italy’s First Black Senator is a Rightwinger

Toni Iwobi, Italy’s first black senator, is a member of The League (aka the rightwing party currently led by Matteo Salvini.) Go figure: Iwobi, who owns an IT company, came to Italy in the late 1970s to study in Perugia. … Continue reading

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