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Balshaw’s Tate

Alexander Adams’ critique of the Tate Museum, a preeminent modern and contemporary art museum in the U.K., is a useful example of how the elite class’s continuous, P.C., virtue signaling is leading to an aesthetics that is ever more removed … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey – I Needed Color

To think that he only started painting 6 years ago is rather incredible. Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

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The Diminishing Relevance of the Art World

In WaPo, Tom Rachman, who himself despises Trump, asks “How can the art world resist Trump? Probably not very well.” What is the problem? Political correctness and conformity of thought within the world of elite artists: Right-wing commentators have spent … Continue reading

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Ecce Homo

I was struck by this painting’s photographic quality and it’s behind-the-event perspective.  Antonio Ciseri‘s Ecce homo! (Behold the man!), painted in 1871, is one of the more original depictions of standard Christian iconography.

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Mark Rothko’s Jewish Mysticism

From his review of Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel by Annie Cohen-Solal, Philip Hensher writes: One of the curiosities of western art is that, until the 20th century, few visual artists were of Jewish ancestry. With odd … Continue reading

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Scruton on Kitsch

The great Roger Scruton on “the strangely enduring power of kitsch.”

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The Art Hitler Hated

The NY Review of Books is a very Tribe-heavy, culture-oriented publication. (Check out the names in their Masthead to see what I mean.) In their current issue, Michael Kimmelman looks at “The Art Hitler Hated“. I love how Cornelius Gurlitt … Continue reading

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RIP: H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger, the Swiss artist who shot to fame when his aesthetic style (i.e., ‘biomechanoids’) was tapped by Ridley Scott for Alien (1979), has died at age 74. The terrifying creature and sets he created for Ridley Scott’s film earned … Continue reading

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When Hitler Was Curator

In “When Hitler Was Curator“, Morgan Meis discusses a new exhibit harkening to the famous “Degenerate Art” exhibit Hitler curated at Berlin’s Haus Der Kunst in 1937: The current show at the Neue Galerie in New York City (“Degenerate Art: … Continue reading

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L.A.: City of Angles

If you’re a fan of L.A.’s architectural styles from the 1940s through the 1960s (think art deco, John Lautner, Disney’s Tomorrowland, etc.), you’ll enjoy Charlotte Allen’s recent piece in The Weekly Standard (“City of Angles“), which is largely a review … Continue reading

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