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Germany: AfD Set to Embrace PEGIDA

Good news from Reuters: BERLIN (Reuters) – A leader of the nationalist Alternative for Germany (AfD) is pushing to overturn the party’s ban on members joining rallies by the anti-Islam PEGIDA movement – another sign of the rightward shift of … Continue reading

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Lind on “The New Separatism”

William Lind discusses “The New Separatism” sweeping across Europe and that, in the U.S., translated into Trump’s victory: The driving force behind separatism is the same as that which has created Fourth Generation war, war waged by non-state entities. That … Continue reading

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The New Yorker: Profile of Peter Sloterdijk

In The New Yorker, Thomas Meaney has a profile of Germany’s gadfly public intellectual Peter Sloterdijk (“A Celebrity Philosopher Explains the Populist Insurgency”). Of Sloterdijk’s slightly pomo brand of pastiche philosophizing: This profligacy makes Sloterdijk hard to pin down. He … Continue reading

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Le Carré Leans Left

In Modern Age, Mark Tooley looks at the career of John le Carré. Towards the end of this piece is this sad example of le Carré’s leftist leanings: In his latest novel, A Legacy of Spies, le Carré returns to his … Continue reading

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‘Mad’ Mike Hoare

In Social Matter, Benjamin Welton has an excellent essay on ““Mad” Mike Hoare: White Giant”, which discusses a famous group of English mercenaries in Africa, and various historical inaccuracies about Belgian and English colonialism. Having recently watched Dark of the … Continue reading

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Orban Rules – Pt. 418

From Reuters: BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungarian leader Viktor Orban called on Sunday for a global alliance against migration as his right-wing populist Fidesz party began campaigning for an April 8 election in which it is expected to win a third … Continue reading

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JYT: Poland Better Acknowledge Their Role in the Holocaust™

Nationalism is on the rise in Poland, and **** don’t like to see nationalist sentiment among European goyim, be they from the Western side of Europe or the Eastern side. This past November, 60,000 Polish nationalists marched on Poland’s independence … Continue reading

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Israel: The Double Standard – Pt. 3,182

From Haaretz, a truly remarkable story wherein a major national political figure… is honest. (“Justice Minister: Israel Must Keep Jewish Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights”): Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said Monday that if not for the fence … Continue reading

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The War vs. Céline

As I recently posted about, in France there is a culture war being waged against important historical figures like Maurras & Céline. In New Statesman, Andrew Hussey addresses “The literature debate tearing apart Paris: should Céline’s racist pamphlets be published?” … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Hollywood

As part of NYC’s Film Forum, “Hitler’s Hollywood”, a new documentary by Rüdiger Suchsland, will be playing in April. From Film Forum’s webpage on the upcoming showings, check out the last sentence of this paragraph: Filmmaker Rüdiger Suchsland suggests that … Continue reading

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