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NYT Hires “Gender Editor”

More diversity of opinion (and employee ethnicity) from the NYT: The New York Times on Tuesday announced the hire of a new “gender editor,” a role focused on reimagining the news “through an intersectional lens.” Former Newsweek editor Jessica Bennett had occasionally freelanced for the Times in … Continue reading

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NYT: “Campus Hate Lives on the Internet. Administrators Need to Catch Up.”

It is absolutely delicious watching the Elites panic at the remarkable, troll-driven ascent of the Alt Right. The NYT is now resorting to giving desirable op-ed space to leftist college students to help them make sense of sh*t-posting.

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Child Brides in Yemen

The NYT takes the longstanding Muslim tradition of child marriages in Yemen and turns it into an ‘economic deprivation’ story: CAIRO — The girl did not know whether it was night or day when she plotted her escape from a … Continue reading

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NYT’s Harvey Story in ’04

Sharon Waxman describes how the NYT spiked ‘gutted’ a story about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct way back in 2004: In 2004, I was still a fairly new reporter at The New York Times when I got the green light to look … Continue reading

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Brooks on Tribalism

NYT ‘conservative’ David Brooks’ recent column attempts to make sense of the tribalism inherent in today’s right wing populism. But whereas Brooks argues goes on to warn that the GOP “is becoming a party permanently associated with bigotry”, Robert Merry … Continue reading

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NYT: 10/4/17

A diverse array of opinion in today’s NYT:

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Michelle Goldberg: New NYT Columnist

As Sailer notes today: “New York Times Hires Extremely Diverse New Columnist”. Her name is… drumroll… Michelle Goldberg. And, amazingly, she’s a Lefty. As a welcoming, the NYT posts a brief interview between her and Gail Collins: Gail: Well, you’ve picked … Continue reading

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JYT: 9/24/17

Yet another NYT piece on the endless Remembrance Industry.

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NYT: The Wheal Keeps Turning

Back in 1979, Christopher Lasch wrote a penetrating and still prescient book on American culture called The Culture of Narcissism. It is still a must-read for anyone wanting to understand where we are now. Flash forward to the NYT’s click-baity … Continue reading

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NYT: “Undercover With the Alt-Right”

For a year, an effeminate Leftist using an assumed identity infiltrated various Alt-Right events and informal get-togethers. He has just put together a rather banal (at least from the excerpts) ‘documentary’ comprised of his undercover footage. Naturally, the NYT wants … Continue reading

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