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Robot Apocalypse – Pt. 4,181

Here’s preliminary footage of our future Robot Overlords. Boston Dynamics introduces its latest future robot overlord pic.twitter.com/qsFewKiWS2 — Eliot Higgins (@EliotHiggins) February 27, 2017

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Trump’s Speech

Politico has a piece on “How Trump’s Disciplined Speech Came Together”. President Donald Trump sat in the White House Map Room on Tuesday with a coterie of advisers, a black Sharpie, stacks of paper and a teleprompter. Beside him much … Continue reading

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Farage Joins Fox News Channel

First, #NeverTrumper Mad Dog Kelly…fully expecting to run the agenda at FNC… leaves the network. Then Tucker Carlson takes over her time slot, and dominates. Then #NeverTrumper George Will gets dropped as an FNC contributor. Now, I just learn that … Continue reading

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Andrew Breitbart: 1969 – 2012

At BNN, Larry Solov has a brief post which reads: 10 years ago, when my lifelong friend, Andrew Breitbart, approached me to partner up with him on a new media venture, his pitch was very simple: Let’s change the world. … Continue reading

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Roger Scruton on Populism

As part of The New Criterion’s series on populism, Roger Scruton has a new essay titled “Populism, VII: Representation & the People”. I haven’t read it yet, but anything by Scruton is a must-read.

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E.U.’s Jihad vs. La Pen

Marine La Pen is surging in the polls, and now stand a real shot of winning in May’s 2nd round, so the E.U. elites mobilize. She must be stopped! French anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen faces a loss … Continue reading

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Spengler vs. Evola

In The American Conservative, Akhilesh Pillalamarri has a brief piece on “Spengler vs. Evola”: The apocalyptic worldview promoted by prominent political figures such as Steve Bannon in the United States and Aleksandr Dugin in Russia is premised on the notion … Continue reading

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All the leftist celebrities who threatened to move to Canada will attack President Trump for wanting a Canadian style immigration system. 🙂 — Stefan Molyneux (@StefanMolyneux) March 1, 2017

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American Affairs

American Affairs is a brand new political journal, with a nationalist bent. From the journal’s Mission Statement: The conventional party platforms no longer address or even comprehend the most pressing challenges facing American institutions. Economic mobility is down and inequality … Continue reading

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Sam Hyde

I’ve never heard of Sam Hyde, an Alt-Righter troll who had a comedy show on Adult Swim, a show that was promptly cancelled once Cartoon Network executives discovered his support of Donald ‘Hitler’ Trump. Here’s a THR interview with Hyde … Continue reading

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