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From the Daily Mail: Despite being just the size of an insect, tiny military weapons being developed by the military have the incredible power of hundreds of tons of TNT. In a new book, Louis del Monte, a physicist from … Continue reading

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Elmo Gets Red-Pilled

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3/22/17: London

Another day, another terrorist event in a European city. I was once on this bridge, which is in a heavily touristed part of London. From FNC: Five people, including a London police officer who was stabbed and the alleged assailant, … Continue reading

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Douthat: “White Pride and Prejudice”

In “White Pride and Prejudice”, Ross Douthat rhetorically posits the Internet itself as his interlocutor: “Why my dear, you must know, it seems that certain young men of dubious character, not content with seizing ‘The Matrix’ and Taylor Swift and … Continue reading

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Si! Se Puede!

The City of Divine Tolerance is quite intolerant of the idea of the United States enforcing its sovereignty: SACRAMENTO — Three California Democrats have a warning for contractors who sign up for President Donald Trump’s border-wall construction project between the … Continue reading

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