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Stories – What Comes After (1973)

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30 Million

The newly-appointed president of the European Parliament believes that 30 million Africans could migrate to Europe within the next 10 years. The real (and projected) population explosion in Africa, something Steve Sailer has been talking about for some time, is … Continue reading

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New Yorker: Profile of Daniel Dennett

In The New Yorker, Joshua Rothman has a very good profile on the seminal philosopher Daniel Dennett (“Daniel Dennett’s Science of the Soul”) whose functionalist theory of consciousness is probably the most prominent and influential materialist position contra the ‘mysterians’ … Continue reading

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Norman Podhoretz’s Hidden Quality

The NYT had a recent piece on a founding neoconservative titled “Norman Podhoretz Still Picks Fights and Drops Names.” In The Nation, Norman Birnbaum adds a rejoinder to the piece (“What ‘The New York Times’ Missed In Its Piece about … Continue reading

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