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The Benefits of Globalization

Among the benefits of globalization are brain-invading worms.

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Celebrate Diversity – Pt. 261,822

From AP: LOWELL, Mass. –  A Massachusetts man who had his hand cut off by a machete during a fight has had the hand re-attached, and authorities say the suspect has been ordered held without bail. The Sun reports that … Continue reading

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The Judeo-Christian Liberal Order

From Greg Johnson’s post “The Specter of White Nationalism”: The establishment has turned White Nationalism into the embodiment of evil, the political equivalent of Satan. This is just the latest version of the ancient slave revolt in morals, in which … Continue reading

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RIP: Don Rickles

Don Rickles has passed at the age of 90. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform standup a few times. What an icon. And what a life: Donald Jay Rickles was born in Manhattan and studied acting at the … Continue reading

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Roman Mosaics Discovered in Southern France

This story has some cool pix of the discovery: Archaeologists have unearthed part of an ancient Roman city in southern France, known as Ucetia. To date, the settlement had only be known by name, and this is the first time … Continue reading

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Peter Singer’s Arc

Strict utilitarianism is the libertarianism of moral philosophy. If you want to see how odious utilitarianism can be (it’s natural trajectory?), read this account of the infamously-utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer’s recent opinion piece.

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French Catholics’ Political Awakening

Philip Jenkins reports on an interesting turn in France: Something quite un­expected is happening in France: in what has long been regarded as one of the world’s most secular societies, Catholics are now re­emerging as a potent force in public … Continue reading

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Bannon v. Kushner

Politico is reporting that Steve Bannon came close to quitting the WH due to Jared Kushner’s power play and increasing influence over the President. The man credited with honing Donald Trump’s populist message and guiding him into the White House … Continue reading

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Sweden’s LBGTQRSUV Crowd & Muslim Migrants

The libertines in Sweden don’t quite get it. What does one think the cumulative effect of giving newly-arrived, young, male, Muslim ‘refugees’ this will have on both their perspective of, and their actions within, their new host welfare state? Swedish … Continue reading

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