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The Cuckservatory on O’Baxter

At NR, Ian Tuttle has a cuck interpretation of O’Reilly’s legacy. Rod Dreher has a slightly less cuck interpretation here.

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Politico: Profile of Pat Buchanan

In Politico, Tim Alberta has a very good, lengthy profile of Pat Buchanan. If you want a pretty decent mini-biography of the guy, this is the piece: Of Trump’s victory: Buchanan, for his part, feels both validated and vindicated. Long … Continue reading

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Caldwell: The French, Coming Apart

In City Journal, Christopher Caldwell has a superbly written piece on “The French, Coming Apart”, in which he looks at the dire situation in France through the work of Christophe Guilluy (hat tip: S. Sailer): [I]n a French political system … Continue reading

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Kotkin: CA’s Tribal Politics

As I’ve noted in the blog numerous times, if you want to see the future of America (in terms of demography and one-party rule), look to California. In “California’s Tribal Politics”, Joel Kotkin writes: To my fellow residents, and particularly … Continue reading

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Matt Taibbi is the uber-leftwing political ‘reporter’ for Rolling Stone, who in every other issue writes a ‘Trump is a Fascist’ piece. His review of the new book about HRC’s failed 2016 campaign, however, pulls no punches and makes no excuses: … Continue reading

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