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Star Wars: 40 Years Ago

Star Wars was released 40 years ago yesterday. In the pre-internet, pre-cable-TV days of 1977, all we had in my household growing up was TV Guide. Before ‘Star Wars’ came out, I was perusing an issue of the magazine, and … Continue reading

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Debate Him, Dreher

As I’ve mentioned before, I regularly check out Rod Dreher’s writing, not because I agree with him, but because he is an important voice in the conversation. In “Debate Me, Dreher”, Nathan Duffy expresses a sentiment I’ve long held, the … Continue reading

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A British Lunch in 2017

As the institutional elites try to cajole us into accepting domestic Islamic terrorism as ‘the New Normal’, P.T. Carlo reminds us of this poignant scene from Brazil (“The Brazilification of the West”). As one YouTube commenter observes, note the music … Continue reading

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Gentle Giant – I Lost My Head (1976)

The 2nd half of the song, that begins around 2:51, is epic.

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Seth Rich, Brazile, etc.

WND is reporting that Donna Brazile is snooping into the Seth Rich story: WASHINGTON – Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile is the high-ranking DNC representative who allegedly called police and the family of murdered DNC staffer Seth … Continue reading

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Majority of Brits Think Minorities Threaten UK Culture

The leftwing Guardian newspaper (reluctantly, I’m sure) reports: More than half of Britons believe their culture is threatened by ethnic minorities living in the UK, a report says. A quarter think immigrants take jobs away and a third think they … Continue reading

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Eric Clanton Arrested

The Violent Antifa Professor has been arrested: The hit and run Anti-White masked assailant whom The Roper Report has  reported to you on twice already has been arrested! “Former” college professor Eric Clanton is being held on a $200,000 bond   after he violently struck a kneeling, … Continue reading

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