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Eastern Europe as The Last Stand – Pt. 2,000

Whether it’s Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, or now the Czech Republic, the Eastern European countries proudly proclaim their Christian (read: white) identity and are refusing to take in Muslim migrants: The Czech Republic has joined its Central European neighbors in officially … Continue reading

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Democrats’ New Paranoia

Writing in The New Republic, Colin Dickey has an in-depth piece on “The New Paranoia” that Democrats are increasingly attracted to, the ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’ meme being a prime example: .. [S]ince the election of the Birther-in-Chief, both the nature and … Continue reading

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Stefan Molyneux: “What do I do?”

After discussing the many micro-ways we can change the Overton Window (e.g., particularly by politely questioning and otherwise engaging with liberal interlocutors in our own social lives), the bit that starts at 27m19s is effective:

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NYT: 6/11/17

I smell fear.

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Alinsky 2.0

If this WaPo story about Breitbart ad sources is true (and a big ‘if’ given the lugenpresse), it’s a testament to how effective the Left is in pressuring advertisers to drop from ‘racist’ (i.e., non-SWJ) media sites. As a trend, … Continue reading

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