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Judas Jump – Rockin’ Chair (1970)

Judas Jump were something of a UK supergroup, with ex-members of The Herd, Amen Corner and The Mindbenders involved. Despite a fair amount of promotion and a contract with the Beatles’ label Parlophone, they only made one album and 2 … Continue reading

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Right All Along

From “Why I Write about Race and IQ” by Robert Verbruggen: In A Dream Deferred, Shelby Steele wrote that it would have “far-right and, I have to say, even fascistic ideological implications” if genes contributed to the black–white IQ gap. … Continue reading

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Duesterberg on NRx

James Duesterberg’s “Final Fantasy: Neoreactionary politics and the liberal imagination” is a decently-written, liberal appraisal of NRx of the Mencius/Land variety.

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Netanyahu’s Surprising Thumbs-Up to the Alt Right

First was Netanyahu’s surprising endorsement of Trump’s border wall idea. Then, there was Netanyahu’s kind words toward Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban. Now we have the state of Israel’s surprising move to defend Orban’s attack of Soros: In a bizarre … Continue reading

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