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Miller v Acosta

Here is Jim Acosta citing the usual liberal tripe (i.e., the Statue of Liberty > the U.S. Constitution) and Stephen Miller doing his best not to explode in rage at Acosta’s emotion-based, irrational, virtue signaling:

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The Racist Graph

An approximation of the widely replicated Murray/Hernstein bell curve (aka ‘the racist bell curve’) was found on a blackboard at the Univ of Oklahoma. Triggering ensues. From the Oklahoma Daily (the newspaper of University of Oklahoma): A graph judging IQ … Continue reading

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JYT: 8/2/17

Currently trending in the NYT:

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Seth Rich Update

Wikileaks has a policy to never reveal the identity of a source. However, Julian Assange implied Rich was a Wikileaks source (in addition to Assange posting a $20,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Rich’s murderer.) Roger Stone … Continue reading

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