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The Rolling Stones – Child of the Moon (1967)

The striking video to this rare Stones tune, directed by Michael Lindsay Hogg, is quite good and rather haunting. It’s as if Bergman or Antonioni were asked to direct a video for the Stones. (Among his earlier work, Hogg had … Continue reading

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Dysgenics: Pt. 24,183

Here is the abstract for “Worldwide Increase of Obesity Is Related to the Reduced Opportunity for Natural Selection”: Worldwide rise of obesity may be partly related to the relaxation of natural selection in the last few generations. Accumulation of mutations … Continue reading

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The Five Laws of Behavioral Genetics

Jayman’s five laws of behavioral genetics bear repeating to normies: All human behavioral traits are heritable The effect of being raised in the same family is smaller than the effect of the genes. A substantial portion of the variation in … Continue reading

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