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NYT: 9/13/17

All the News that Fits the Narrative.

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Voting Rights for Illegals vs. Nazis

On the subject of sacred illegal aliens, the natural inertia and unfolding of Leftist philosophy on the matter is to grant them voting rights, and to label anyone who disagrees with this a white supremacist or a Nazi. Embedded within … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World (2017)

Rebelling against the power and corruption of The Vatican, Martin Luther exploited the social media of the era (the Guttenberg printing press), using sometimes crude and bombastic language to repudiate the base assumptions of the elite power structure of his … Continue reading

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9/13/17: It’s Pat!

Pat Buchanan’s latest column, titled “Tribalism Marches On!”, looks at the surge of nationalisms in places like Hungary, Poland, and Spain: The question being raised by Catalonia is one America has faced before. Do peoples in a democratic republic have … Continue reading

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