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Child Brides in Yemen

The NYT takes the longstanding Muslim tradition of child marriages in Yemen and turns it into an ‘economic deprivation’ story: CAIRO — The girl did not know whether it was night or day when she plotted her escape from a … Continue reading

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Oxford’s Freshers’ Fair

I mean, it’s now every single day that a story like this comes out, isn’t it? From The Daily Mail: Oxford University students have banned a Christian union from their college freshers’ fair after saying the religion is ‘damaging’ and ‘an … Continue reading

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Columbus Day

James Kirkpatrick notes: If Columbus Day is abolished and the campaign to rob America of its heritage is successful, European-Americans will be deracinated, atomized, cultureless and consumerist nonentities who only exist to be farmed as tax revenue by a government … Continue reading

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My Intersectionality Email

I can’t remember what the exact site was I trolled (I had read about the group in a news article), but some months back I used the email Contact Form to an SJW, identity politics, consulting group on, seriously, intersectionality: … Continue reading

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CA: Using Wrong Gender Pronoun => Jail

CA is burning, both literally and figuratively, but this is what their Legislature is concerned with: California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from … Continue reading

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NYT’s Harvey Story in ’04

Sharon Waxman describes how the NYT spiked ‘gutted’ a story about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct way back in 2004: In 2004, I was still a fairly new reporter at The New York Times when I got the green light to look … Continue reading

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Sen. Geary 2018

“These hearings on the Mafia are in no way whatsoever a slur upon the great Italian people. Because I can state, from my own knowledge and experience, that Italian-Americans are among the most loyal, most law-abiding, patriotic, hard working American … Continue reading

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The Case For “The Case For Colonialism”

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Political Science Professor Bruce Gilley’s new paper “The Case for Colonialism”, which I was quite surprised ever got published. Well, right on cue, the article has been yanked and sent to the … Continue reading

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