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NYT Wants To Hide Their Reporters’ Bias

The NYT scrambles to hide the liberal bias of its reporters, vis-à-vis their social media posts (“The Times Issues Social Media Guidelines for the Newsroom”): The New York Times announced on Friday an updated and expanded set of guidelines for … Continue reading

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Vicente Fox (D) in 2020

Former Mexican President Vicente ‘F-bomb’ Fox provides a satire that, with sufficient years of Dem control of government, could probably someday find its way to reality: Fox, 75, who served as president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006, has launched … Continue reading

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Libertarian Naivety

Here’s a very nice cartoon meme against libertarianism that was posted on Voat/Identitarian.

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Our Post-Hollywood Future

Z Man has a good post on the trajectory of our post-Hollywood culture, which offers a glimmer of hope: As Steve Sailer noted, degenerates like Harvey Weinstein have always been a fixture in the movie business. Smart Jewish men were … Continue reading

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