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Goya – Witches’ Sabbath or The Great He-Goat (1821–1823)

Witches’ Sabbath or The Great He-Goat (1821–1823) is one of Goya’s Black Paintings, currently housed in Madrid’s Museo del Prado, the most beautiful museum I have ever been to. To see this painting, with Saturn Devouring His Son close to it, was thrilling. The … Continue reading

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The Flower Blooms

In Standpoint, Jonathan Kay writes on how “The American Mind Continues To Close”. I disagree with 80% of Kay’s interpretation of Allan Bloom, and Kay’s overt ethnocentrism is quite striking: Which brings me back to Bloom — who was Jewish … Continue reading

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LVF’s American Nightmare

A redneck truck sporting a Confederate flag, a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ front license plate, and… an Ed Gillespie bumper sticker (LOL) tries to run down some black, Mexican and Muslim kids. The ad is paid for by “Latino Victory … Continue reading

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No Hiding Under the Rainbow

Kevin Spacey’s “I’m gay!” is Harvey Weinstein’s “I’m going to fight the NRA!” Get some popcorn ready. The virtue spiraling we are witnessing is better than any Hollywood movie. Oh, and there’s this.

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