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France Weighs Reducing Age of Consent to 13

The last frontier for Progressive Sexual Wokeness to overcome (that is, until their vivid imaginations can conjure another ‘civil right’) is the full sexualization of children. Some are trying to make the Great Leap Forward in France, which will greatly … Continue reading

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Slave Auctions in Libya

CNN online has a story (with accompanying video) on slave auctions in Libya. You have to read between the lines, but the essence of the phenomenon is black African ‘refugees’ on their way to the Disneyland of Western Europe being … Continue reading

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The Dominant Minority vs the Proles

“First the Dominant Minority attempts to hold by force—against all right and reason—a position of inherited privilege which it has ceased to merit; and then the Proletariat repays injustice with resentment, fear with hate, and violence with violence when it … Continue reading

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