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The Darkest Maudlin Hour

From A. Graham’s review of the new Churchill biopic Darkest Hour, which features Gary Oldman: The film lapses into trite sentimentality with grating regularity. The most corny scene occurs toward the end when Churchill decides to ride the Tube instead … Continue reading

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Tiny Italian Town With 7 Inhabitants To Receive 80 African Migrants

All part of the Great Experiment: The Italian town of Vaccarozzi di Erbezzo officially has only seven residents, but that’s changing fast. Already 26 African asylum seekers have arrived as part of a government resettlement programme. There are plans to … Continue reading

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George Hutcheson on Cultural Genocide

George Hutcheson, Director of Students for Western Civilization, discusses quite eloquently cultural genocide (aka ‘ethnocide’) against white civilization. Production-wise, Faith Goldy demonstrates how good video production (e.g., multiple angled shots, quality audio) can, with a little effort, be accomplished quite … Continue reading

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Pandamonium – Chocolate Buster Dan (1968)


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Walter Becker’s Pound of Flesh

In The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare presented the world with a profound contrast, between Shylock the Jewish moneylender and Antonio the gentile Christian. The technicality of Shylock’s legalism contrasts strikingly with Antonio’s altruism and generosity, a representation of the letter … Continue reading

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