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CFP: Interdisciplinary Resistance to Nationalist Borders

A CFP for radical pomo resistance! #NeverTrump! #MeToo! #OtherRandomHashtags! deadline for submissions: March 1, 2018 full name / name of organization: Contention: A Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest contact email: Contention Special Edition Proposal Editors: Jeffrey Butcher and Michael Noschka … Continue reading

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Historical Revisionism in ‘The Post’

Peggy Noonoan on the totally predictable historical revisionism in the new Spielberg movie The Post: President Nixon is portrayed as the villain of the story. And that is the opposite of the truth. Nixon did not start the Vietnam War, … Continue reading

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Fellow White People

This “Fellow White People” meme has been getting major traffic.

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I spit water onto my PC screen after reading this passage from a recent Steve Sailer post: “Law & Order” is of course world-famous for being completely un-figure-out-able. Who will the real killer turn out to be: the Puerto Rican … Continue reading

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Politico: “The Rise of Antifa”

From Politico’s photo essay on “The Rise of Antifa” As newly emboldened white nationalists rallied in American cities and college towns in 2017, an underground leftist movement emerged to confront them, using some of the same aggressive and sometimes violent … Continue reading

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Bono & The Primates

From a new Rolling Stone interview with the talented, but sometimes insufferable Bono, the singer waxes on rightwing nationalisms percolating in Europe and the election of Der Trumpenfuhrer: People’s innocence had died. And a generation that had grown up thinking … Continue reading

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NYT: “Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter”

With its connotation of those heady days in which “Nazi hunters” like Simon Wiesenthal helped capture Adolf Eichmann, the very title of “Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter” by Yair Rosenberg (a writer at Tablet Magazine, a Jewish identitarian publication) … Continue reading

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Age Gaps & Defs of “Sexual Harassment”

A Reuters/Ipsos poll asked 3,000+ American adults about what should and should not be classified as ‘sexual harassment’. Among its findings: Fifty-two percent of people from racial minorities said that they considered non-consensual hugging to be sexual harassment, compared with … Continue reading

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Nehlen’s Unforgivable Sin

Bannon and Breitbart pivot to Full Cuck Mode, ending their support of Paul Nehlen due to the horrifying fact that Nehlen is currently reading Kmac’s CoC: Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon has cut ties with Paul Nehlen, the far-right activist … Continue reading

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Variety: 20 Most Anticipated P.C. Movies of 2018

The Variety staff’s “20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018” is almost entirely made up of upcoming POC and/or homosexual agenda films. #OscarsSoWhite to the Nth degree!

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