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Newsweek’s Way of Saying “Merry Christmas!”

From a piece actually titled “How Trump and the Nazis Stole Christmas to Promote White Nationalism”: Wishing people “merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays,” is thus in line with Trump’s decision to ban citizens of Muslim-majority countries from entering the … Continue reading

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The Last (White Male) Jedi – Misc

Well, this NYT story (“The Women Who Run the ‘Star Wars’ Universe”) explains a lot. Have a strong stomach reading it. Five days a week, in the foggy hills of San Francisco, 11 writers and artists discuss the minutiae of … Continue reading

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Ringo Starr – Christmas Eve (1999)

A beautiful and unexpectedly wonderful Christmas ballad from a ’90s Ringo Starr album, of all places.

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Molyneux on “The Last Jedi”

Stefan Molyneux’s take on The Last Jedi contains some pretty good interpretations. SM appears to approach films from a Jungian perspective, an approach I favor, where art and creativity is seen as a negotiation between the conscious mind and the … Continue reading

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The Purge 2.0

I guess this means The Purge, which began after C-ville, will amp up significantly.

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