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Peterson v. Newman

I finally got around to watching the full Jordan Peterson interview with the insufferable Cathie Newman on Channel 4 TV, an interview which has gone quite viral and which, now, SJWs are in a tizzy about. Watching the video, I … Continue reading

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Stormy (or When the Levy Breaks)

Here’s a WaPo story about porn ‘star’ Stormy Daniels taking her act on the road. She will be appearing in Greenville, SC. at the Trophy Club, owned by one Jay Levy: “I’m an old grandfather, and I seized an opportunity,” … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren’s Albatross

While it’s not new, re-familiarizing myself with Elizabeth Warren’s charade put a Sunday afternoon smile on my face. I forgot just how good it is. I can handle reading about her, but I cannot handle the sound of her voice … Continue reading

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