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NYT: Salivating at Red States Turning Blue

Writing in the NYT, Will Wilkinson argues that the economic consequences of Trump’s tax law will work towards making Red states Blue (“The Republican Tax Bill Could Turn Texas Blue”). His basic argument: Re-locators tend to be Millennials, and Millennials … Continue reading

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TAC: “An Armenian Rhapsody”

Writing in Cuck Quarterly….er, I mean The American Conservative… Bill Kauffman wonders why Hollywood doesn’t produce any films about the Armenian genocide (“An Armenian Rhapsody”) “Why do their films, including those about the genocide,” Kauffman asks “always get the shaft … Continue reading

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Law & Order: KKK

The ‘ripped from the headlines’ Law & Order shows have always been an outlet for liberal fantasies, but this summary of a new Law & Order: SVU episode demonstrates just how unhinged the Left has become. This episode has it … Continue reading

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The Looming Imperial City

In a post where he notes a state-level correlation between average IQ & average credit rating, AE writes: The more intelligent the population, the more smoothly things run. Keep this in mind as leftists continue to clamor for the unfettered … Continue reading

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Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950)

Sure, there were figures like Thucydides, Arnold Toynbee, and A.J.P Taylor, but today’s Google doodle is of a true historian giant, Carter G. Woodson (1875-1950). Sure, I’ve never heard of him, but I ought to have, and would have were … Continue reading

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