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The New Yorker: Exploring the Freedom of Being Multiple

The subject of the profile is (based on the picture) a blacke female. It’s The New Yorker, so the writer of the piece is naturally ***ish. (“A Startling Début Novel Explores the Freedom of Being Multiple” by Katy Waldman). The … Continue reading

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PSU: “Let’s Talk About Diversity”

Although we read about it daily, there is no substitute for seeing PC insanity in action, such as this recent event (“Let’s Talk About Diversity”) at Portland State University, which focuses on the James Damore incident as a gateway to … Continue reading

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TAC: Tucker Carlson Profile

In TAC, Alan Pell Crawford has a lengthy profile of TC (“Tucker Carlson: The Populist Paladin of Primetime”). I, for one, thank God that TC is at the 8pm slot on FNC. In all likelihood, he is the best we … Continue reading

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