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NYT: 3/31/18

Easter celebration at the NYT!

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NYC: When the Parasites Become the Majority

In “Everything You Love Will Be Eaten Alive”, Nathan Robinson discusses Jeremiah Ross’ book Vanishing New York: How A Great City Lost Its Soul: Essentially, New York City used to be a gruff, teeming haven for weirdos and ethnic minorities. … Continue reading

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The Hogg Zone

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Aldous Huxley on Techno-Dictators

Lefties never imagined that the techno-dictators might be an SJW form of dictatorship.

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Ezra Pound’s Bughouse

In The Nation, Evan Kindley reviews Daniel Swift’s new book The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics, and Madness of Ezra Pound (“The Insanity Defense: Coming to terms with Ezra Pound’s politics”). A couple of passages stood out to me. First, there … Continue reading

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George Hawley: Is the Alt-Right Collapsing?

While his recent book on the Alt Right was fairly balanced and rather level-headed, yet still politely condemned the AR itself, George Hawley’s recent speech to the (ahem) “Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Politics” is smug and gloating, and more clearly … Continue reading

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“Fascist Rhetoric”

From a Guardian piece on Ian Buruma, current editor of The New York Review of Books: What does Brexit look like to him? “It is the most shocking political event in my life. It was like a knife going through … Continue reading

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Smarter Living

In the NYT ‘Smarter Living’ section (right next to a story on “Why It’s Still Worth Getting a Flu Shot”) is “How Do I Deal With My Anger Towards Men?” In it, a reader who names herself ‘Justifiably Angry Feminist’ … Continue reading

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It’s all about reframing. Some time ago, Sailer equated young male ‘refugees’ going to Europe as like going to Disneyland: free food & apartment, alcohol, skimpily dressed blonde girls, etc. In conversations, I have been using this analogy ever since. … Continue reading

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Barry & Shannon

What is the deal super-wealthy Hollywood ‘globalists’ cloning their dogs? First, we read of Barbara Streisand cloning hers, then we find out today that it was Barry Diller who convinced her, after cloning his own dog with its shiksa-like backstory: … Continue reading

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