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The Deniers

Esteemed philosopher Galen Strawson has a very good piece on the poverty of materialism as an explanation for consciousness (“The Consciousness Deniers”). He traces the lineage from early behaviorism to Dennett-style functionalism, leading to the absurdity that is reductive materialism: … Continue reading

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I Am Enough

Just published is the children’s book I Am Enough by Grace Byers and‎ Keturah A. Bobo: I Am Enough is the picture book everyone needs. This is a gorgeous, lyrical ode to loving who you are, respecting others, and being … Continue reading

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TAC v. Commentary

In boomer, CivNat journals like TAC, things like this are routine. First, in Commentary, Noah Rothman writes a derisive piece against ‘nationalists’, expressing his latent fear that ‘blood and soil’ nationalism is a real threat in both Europe and the … Continue reading

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Double Murderer Paroled

How the f*ck is this allowed to happen? (Note: Officer Piagentini was white, and Officer Jones was black.): A cold-blooded killer who gunned down two New York City police officers nearly half a century ago is set to walk free … Continue reading

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The Root Cause of Shia’s Savannah Meltdown

From a long Esquire profile of Shia LaBeouf: We’ve walked Descanso’s manicured grounds, through sun-sprinkled oak groves and rows of lilac shrubs. We sit down on a weathered wood bench beneath a crab-apple tree. LaBeouf is ready to talk about … Continue reading

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