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#MeToo’s Next Step: “The Gray Areas”

In Jezebel, there’s an article/column (there’s little distinction between the two on that site) that is a goldmine of absurdity, albeit a natural trajectory, for the #MeToo Harpies (“The Next Step for #MeToo Is Into the Gray Areas”). Written by … Continue reading

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Accept – Up To The Limit (1985)

Udo’s pipes on the chorus are… wow. As one YouTube commentator writes: “It’s saturday, it’s 6:25 AM, I have to go to work and put this song [on] and I FEEL F*CKING ALIVE AND FULL OF ENERGY. LONG LIVE ACCEPT.” … Continue reading

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Notes on the Prospect of Immortality

At Counter-Currents, Jef Costello has a nice essay ruminating on the existentialist choices surrounding suicide. I wrote a long comment to the piece, which I’ve reproduced here: I’m in full agreement about the importance of living with a sense of … Continue reading

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The Marvelous Subversion of Mrs. Maisel

The 1950s has long been the Left’s favorite punching bag. To those of the loud, urban, NYC-pseudo-intellectual milieu, the small towns of Mayberry, and wherever Ozzie and Harriet and ‘the Beave’ lived, are jokes, absurdist romanticizations of an era that … Continue reading

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The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism

What would the Holocaust™ Industry be without The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism? The Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, which is one of the few journals exclusively dedicated to the analysis of antisemitism, focuses on the multiple and changing manifestations of antisemitism … Continue reading

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Macron vs Salvini

“Salvini’s nationalism and Macron’s globalism are the two competing visions of Europe’s future,” writes Christopher Caldwell in The Spectator (“Macron vs Salvini: the ideological battle for Europe’s future”). The most interesting paragraph in the piece pertains to an incipient, anti-immigration, … Continue reading

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Rabbi Brody’s Peppermint Schtick

Richard Brody (the famed New Yorker movie critic whose worldview and appearance are very much that of a rabbi) is not a fan of films which feature Gentile white people. He intimates their time is done, their epoch over. It … Continue reading

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My Experiences with The Other: Berkshires Edition

I had this post semi-written up a few years ago, but never finished. A recent Counter-Currents piece on the writer’s weekend in The Berkshires prompted me to finish it (and post as a comment.) I figured I’d reproduce it here … Continue reading

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Judy Garland – Everybody Sing (1938)

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