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The Shape of The Square (2017)

After reading the interesting premise of the film from a discussion of it at Counter-Currents, I watched The Square (2017), a film directed by Ruben Östlund. It’s a very interesting film, with encoded anti-PC themes that are very salient for … Continue reading

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Dustin Chin: Another #AngryAsians Playwright

This essay is cross-posted at Counter-Currents.  The #AngryAsians motif continually fascinates, especially given their relatively well-to-do economic position in our ‘white supremacist’ society, and the proliferation of plays and other writings by them that villainize, ostracize, and ‘Other-ize’ white people … Continue reading

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NYT: Nervous Demographers

“Why the Announcement of a Looming White Minority Makes Demographers Nervous” is the NYT title, in a piece about the year 2044, when white Americans are projected to fall below half the population and lose their majority status. They’re not … Continue reading

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