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The Nervousness of the Jew

Excerpt from Abraham Myerson’s “The ‘Nervousness’ of the Jew,” Mental Hygiene 4 (1920): 65–72, reprinted in Hart (ed.) Jews and Race: Writings on Identity & Difference, 1880-1940 (2011): It is idle, of course, to deny that the Jew has an … Continue reading

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Problematic Mule

Meanwhile, over at Variety, Peter Debruge finds “The Mule”, Clint Eastwood’s latest film, “problematic”. There’s a word for people like Earl Stone, and that’s “problematic.” Most white Americans have a relative like Earl, who’s old enough to remember a time … Continue reading

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Immolations: Queer Theory and Environmental Destruction

Immolations: Queer Theory and Environmental Destruction deadline for submissions: December 15, 2018 full name / name of organization: ASLE: Association for the Study of Literature and Environment contact email: Immolations: Queer Theory and Environmental Destruction ASLE: Association for the … Continue reading

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Children of Men (2006)

A recent piece at Counter-Currents prompted me to reflect on Alfonso Cuarón’s film Children of Men (2006), loosely based on the novel by PD James. The piece by Trevor Lynch confirms that the pregnant woman being black (in the film) is … Continue reading

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Cartel Torture & Murder Tactics

Here’s a (relatively tame) article on Cartel violence. Decapitations by chainsaw? Check. Peeling off someone’s face and stitching it onto a soccer ball? Check. Slowly boiling people alive? Check. Feeding people to hungry lions? Check. There’s beheading by chainsaw – a … Continue reading

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H.P. Lovecraft on Jews

From H.P. Lovecraft’s Letters: “The mass of contemporary Jews [are] hopeless so far as America [because they are the] product of alien blood, and inherit alien ideals, impulses, and emotions which forever preclude the possibility of wholesale assimilation… The fact … Continue reading

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Rod Dreher Wants to Smash the Establishment

Rod Dreher has a piece on young French Catholics arguably coalescing into an indentifiable socio-political force. The post is a rejoinder to a longer piece by Mark Lilla in the NY Review of Books. In that piece, Lilla writes of … Continue reading

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