Joe (1970)

This is a really bad movie.

Given its premise, I wanted to like it, but it is just plain terrible, greatly impeded by its low budget and hackneyed direction. Joe (Peter Boyle, who while competent here, is unable to do anything with such a poorly written role) is a cartoon caricature of the Angry Blue Collar White Guy circa 1970, when welfare abuse and affirmative action were really cooking.

Dennis Patrick (as the wealthy WASP Bill Compton) gives one of the worst performances I’ve ever witnessed an actor make. Audrey Caire plays Joan Compton, the snooty, fur-wearing WASP wife, who looks down upon Joe and his Edith Bunker-like wife.

Written by a 180-IQ, manic depressive Jew (Norman Wexler) and directed by the second rate John G. Avildsen, the film is sociologically significant for its theme of white backlash against Great Society programs (as manifested in the 1970s heyday of systematic abuse). Joe and Bill team up for a bloodlust killing rampage against sexually licentious, faux-Zen, junkie hippies, not before hypocritically first tasting the fruits of such licentiousness themselves.

As written, the character of Joe predates Archie Bunker (Jewish activist Norman Lear’s contemptuous depiction of the white Christian working class), but is written so over the top — the American flag & “Honor America” poster in his man cave on prominent display; his gun collection; his use of ‘racist’ language; his doting and submissive wife; etc. — that he makes Bunker seem like a moderate.

When Bill first meets him in a bar, Joe goes on a long diatribe that – much like Dirty Harry’s lines, albeit courser and more direct – draws the ire of liberals while conservatives are more likely to silently nod in approval:

The niggers are getting all the money. Why work? You tell me, why the fuck work, when you can screw, have babies, and get paid for it? Welfare. They got all that welfare money. They even get free rubbers. Think they use them? Hell, no. The only way they make money is making babies. They sell the rubbers, and then they use the money to buy booze…

All those social workers are nigger-lovers. You find me a social worker who ain’t a nigger-lover and I’ll massage your asshole… I ain’t queer.

I sweat my balls off 40 hours a week in front of a fucking furnace, and they get as much money as I do, for nothing. They got them living in hotels at $50 a day… $1,000 a month.

Now they want charge accounts. Charge accounts! I ain’t even been inside Macy’s, and they want charge accounts!

All you gotta do is act black, and the money rolls in. Set fire to the cities, burn a few buildings, you get paid for it…

If you can’t read, you got a better chance of getting hired.

And the kids, the white kids, they’re worse than the niggers. Money don’t mean nothing to them. Motorcycles, marijuana, $5 records…

My kid ain’t dumb.  Couldn’t get into college ’cause they let the niggers in first. That’s how they’re saving the cities. They keep the smart niggers busy wrecking the colleges.

Joe then articulates the disastrous effects that ensues when upper class white bohemianism trickles down to the lower classes:

And don’t tell me about communists. How can a kid be a communist? Kids are idealistic… The rich white kids. The worst, hippies… The cars, the best colleges, vacations, orgies… Christmas, Easter… They go to someplace, like a fancy resort, and have orgies… Easter orgies. The day Christ rose, they’re all screwing one another. And the poor kids and the middle-class kids, they’re all copying the rich kids. They’re all going the same goddamn “screw America” way.

Lastly, if you enjoyed the climactic scene of David Fincher’s superb movie Se7en, where Gwyneth Paltrow’s head winds up in a box, then you’ll similarly enjoy the ending of Joe, which was the first movie role of a young, 24 year old Susan Sarandon.

SCORE: 2.5/5

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The Implicit Whiteness of Rod Dreher’s BenOp Recommendations

A fun game is to spot the implicit whiteness in Rod Dreher’s various BenOp recommendations, which isn’t all that hard to do. (Locations and/or activities that are comprised almost entirely of whites tend to be relatively peaceful, well-functioning, and high-trust, hence contain high levels of social capital).

For example, upon visiting the Bruderhof community in rural NY, Rod was positively ecstatic. But all indications point to Bruderhof not being very diverse. (Rod gets irate when people call him out on this.)

In his recent piece “‘Great Awokening’: A New Religious War”, Rod excitedly points to another BenOp institution with great potential, the school where his kids attend:

I urge you to consider seeding efforts to found new institutions within which the traditional scholarly life can endure this new Dark Age… When I tell people about what the classical Christian school my kids attend, Sequitur Classical Academy, is able to do despite the fact that it operates on a shoestring budget, they can hardly believe it. Just think what Sequitur could accomplish if it had donors? Our little school has 150 or so kids — ordinary kids, not a gifted-and-talented superschool population — who are being taught the Western humanities tradition, from the Greeks and the Romans down through the ages.

Yes, the success of Sequitur has nothing – nothing, I tell ‘ya – to do with the overwhelming whiteness of both the faculty and the student body. (As with Bruderhof, I can find no information at the Sequitur site, or elsewhere online, discussing the institution’s demographics. However, pictures are worth a thousand words. Photos of the boys’ uniforms — khaki pants & white shirts – could pass for a 2017 Alt-Right rally.) This looks, and sounds, like a Non-Sequitur to me.

Repeatedly, Rod will occasionally dip his toes into the water, but then quickly retreats to the banalities and pathological altruism of unreconstructed late Christianity. As such, he is a wonderful barometer of the Death of the West.

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XTC – Easter Theatre (1999)

It’s an annual LM tradition to repost this gorgeous, Easter-related song by XTC. It is, in my humble opinion, the absolute high point of Andy Partridge’s stellar songwriting career (which I once told him in person.) From the song’s melody, to the instrumentation and production choices, to the earthy lyrics rich with pagan imagery and symbolism, the song never fails to give me goosebumps and, occasionally, a teary eye.

Odin mounts the tree
Bleeds for you and me
Splashing on the lamb
Gamboling with spring’s step

Buds will laugh and burst
Racing to be first
Turning all the soil
As the promptress’ fingers through her spinning script… 

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Dragged Across Concrete (2019)

S. Craig Zahler, who wrote/directed Bone Tomahawk (2015) & Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017), is an important filmmaker for the Dissident Right to consider. I previously wrote an essay on Brawl at Counter-Currents, and my essay on Zahler’s new film Dragged Across Concrete (2019) is at The Occidental Observer.

One further aspect of Dragged not included in the TOO piece pertains to the film’s indictment of feminism:

SPOILERS: An interlude in the film begins and ends with a focus on the brief character of Kelly Summer (Jennifer Carpenter). Ostensibly intended to humanize the victims of a violent bank robbery, Kelly’s character also serves as a devastating indictment of feminism and neoliberal materialism, an observation I have not seen a single liberal critic of the film make. When we first see Kelly, she is looking anxious waiting for the bus that will take her to work. When the bus arrives, she cannot get herself to get on it, and instead runs back home to the well-to-do apartment she shares with her bearded, hipster-looking husband Jeffrey (Andrew Dunbar) and their newborn son, Jackson.

In the hallway outside of her apartment door, Summer finds that Jeffrey has chain-locked the door from the inside, so that she cannot enter. With the door slightly ajar, as far as the chain-lock will allow, what follows is a gut-wrenching exchange which emphasizes how profoundly unnatural it is that our contemporary socioeconomic model, in a wholesale gender reversal, routes mothers away from their newly born children and emasculates men by disincentivizing their natural role as providers:

Kelly: Jeffrey, let me in. Open this!

Jeffrey, Jackson, & the consequences of feminism.

Jeffrey: Kelly, please stop yelling… Why aren’t you on your way to work?

Kelly: You are not allowed to answer a question with a question.

Jeffrey: Don’t shout at me, okay? Just… You need to go back downstairs, get on the bus and go to work.

Kelly: Open this right now.

Jeffrey: I can’t.

Kelly: What do you mean you can’t? Of course you can.

Jeffrey: I want to, I really, really do, but I can’t. The maternity leave ended four weeks ago. You’ve used all of your vacation and every single sick day staying here with Jackson.

Kelly: He needed me!

Jeffrey: I’m taking good care of him, and I will continue to do so until you’re home from work.

Kelly: I hate you.

Jeffrey: And I love you twice as much. You need to go to work… today.

Kelly: My job is so stupid. I go there and I sell chunks of my life for a paycheck, so that… rich people I’ve never even met can put money in places I’ve never even seen. How am I supposed to sit at my desk and talk about bank accounts, when my baby is here!”

Jeffrey: Jackson needs diapers, and clothes, and gourmet baby food. Eventually, he’s gonna need school supplies and, if he’s anything like me and my brothers, he’ll need braces too. Now, all these things cost money, and you make way more than I do.

Kelly: Yeah, I know… Can I see him though?

Jeffrey: Just through the opening.

Kelly: I promise, I’ll go if you let me see him just for a second. I need to touch him.

Jeffrey: Kelly, please…

Kelly: I… Just for a second. I swear I’ll go.

Jeffrey: You’ve broken that swear before and recently. Do you swear on the life of our baby that you will leave after you’ve touched him?

Kelly: No, no, no.

Jeffrey: Say it out loud for it to count, that’s how swears work.

Kelly: I swear on the life of our child that I will go to work after I’ve touched him.

Kelly reluctantly goes to the bank where she works. Upon arriving, her fellow employees come out to warmly greet her, but the over-exuberant tributes from her boss Mr. Edmington (Fred Melamed) exudes a phoniness borne of obligation, and expresses the transvaluation of values which attempts to align family formation with the interests of late capitalism, both being symbolic forms of the faux-concern for families that neoliberal capitalism articulates:

Mr. Edmington: Good heavens and praise be to Him. Can that radiant vision of maternity that just walked through our front doors possibly be our beloved Mrs. Summer? Welcome back. Welcome back and congratulations on bringing such a lovely boy child into this world.

Kelly: Thank you, Mr. Edmington.

Mr. Edmington: All of us in the bank have great expectations for your boy, wondrous expectations, on a global scale.

Kelly: So do I.

Mr. Edmington: Well, in that case, our expectations are aligned… Mrs. Summer, your absence was a weight upon us. Your return is a divine blessing.

The fates of all involved here are soon changed forever by the violent forces of nihilism.

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The Venom

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Rod Tastes the Wrath

Dreher writes: “The alt-right in the US can’t stand me, considering me a Christian cuck,” before bemoaning how a prog in Australia (fellow white person Nick Riemer) wants to deplatform him.

We don’t hate you, Rod. We just want you to follow through with where your own logic ought to be taking you: identity politics for white people (aka indigenous Europeans) is not “white supremacism”. Also, the term ‘Alt Right’ has largely become useless: it now means whatever one wants it to mean.

White identitarianism ≠ white nationalism ≠ white supremacism. They are 3 very different things. White identitarianism (WI) is rational, and actually rather benign, given how every other ethnic group actively pursues ethnocentric identity politics. WI implies no superiority-complex. It simply recognizes that, in today’s political climate (and with mass migration rapidly leading to displacement), cognizance that ‘white people’ might have a set of common, collective, group interests is a rational conclusion, and that to then articulate these group interests (using the same tropes and chains-of-reasoning that POCs do) is also a rational reaction.

To pin one’s hopes on an idealized utopia where everyone simultaneously drops ethnocentrism is not only naïve but foolhardy and (given demographic changes) dangerous for Western nations that have been built by ‘whites’. Iterated game theory simulations show that ethnocentrism beats out every other strategy. It is not going away.

Reichstag Fires like the NZ shooting allow the Left to perpetually widen their definition of ‘hate speech’. In their eyes, you are no better than a nutty 1488 poseur like Andrew Anglin. If they have their way, the Left will deplatform you just like they have deplatformed voices like Gavin McInnes, Jared Taylor, and many others.

Get used to it.

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Why Wealthy White Counties are the Most Politically Intolerant

Rod Dreher makes some observations about The Atlantic’s recent piece on how wealthy (white) progressive counties (with lots of POCs) are the Most Politically Intolerant, while poorer (white) counties are the Least Politically Intolerant.

As becomes apparent, the most intolerant counties are dominated by white liberals, in superzips where only 2 classes of people can afford to live: wealthy whites (overwhelmingly progressive) & much poor persons of color. White working class individuals and families (less likely to have college degrees and so less likely to be indoctrinated by PC) have simply been squeezed out into the hinterlands.

In Watertown NY, 80% of the population is non-Hispanic white. Estimated median household income in 2016 is $37,134, just over half the avg for NY as a whole. 53% of the population over 15 years of age are married.

The following may be the most salient factors: 93% of Watertown residents speak English; 71% of Watertown residents were born in NY; only 4% were foreign born.

For comparison

* In NYC, only 51% speak English (national avg = 79%); 48% of NYC residents were born in NY; and 37% were foreign born.

* In Boston, 63% speak English (national avg = 79%); 44% of residents were born in Boston; and 28% were foreign born.

* In SF, 56% speak English (national avg = 79%); 39% of residents were born in SF; and 35% were foreign born.

In these Low Tolerance zips, one begins to see the following dynamic that may be a root cause of High Political Intolerance. Stratification of income by race becomes even more acute, as the income gap between white (liberal) professionals and POCs gets wider. This, in turn, leads to mounting white guilt over POC failure to similarly rise in socioeconomic status. After all, *they* themselves (who dominate local and state level politics) are ‘good people’, so why is this happening? Said white libs than seek an ‘explanation’ for this income gap (and their own personal status in the new aristocracy): “racism”. IOW, it must be due to that tiny minority of Republicans in their geographic area that is the cause.

BO’s presidency was supposed to “heal” the nation racially. Instead, BO did a lot to worsen race relations, despite the fact that many Deplorables in the white working class voted for him. The failure of BO’s presidency then hyper-accentuated the aforementioned prog white wealthy class sense of guilt. Hence, the uptick in radical prog white rhetoric about racism (the spiraling PC madness we are now seeing consume the Democratic Party) really began taking off around 2013, which was during first year of BO’s second term (see Steve Sailer). This was the era of the Trayvonn Martin case, BO’s (and others’) inflammatory response to it. Then, the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown took place in 2014, which led to years of additional gasoline poured onto the fire… by the most prominent Dems in the country.

Combine this with the contemptuous attitudes of white liberal elites (e.g., the Thomas Franks of the country and their contempt for the Kansas’s of the country), as well as Robert Putnam’s findings that more diversity means depletion of social capital (erosion of trust across the board), and one can start to see a picture emerge of how Political Intolerance would spike in the wealthiest, whitest, and most progressive zips in the country.

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Dreher vs Prog Race Hate

Rod Dreher is upset at the reaction to Esquire magazine’s cover story on Ryan Morgan, a white middle-class teenager form the Midwest. Even though Esquire’s editor says there will be future pieces on the experiences of LGBT teenagers, black teenager experiences, etc., the SJW harpies are upset that Esquire would provide empathetic coverage of a (gasp) white male.

To Rod, I say: They are going to call you a white supremacist for simply pointing out their anti-white animus. This is not going to stop. Ever. Certainly not as perpetual-victim POC groups (with an insatiable appetite for real or imagined historical grievances) grow demographically, with whites slated for minority status circa 2040. There won’t magically be equality of outcomes and the ‘end of racism’ once whites are a minority. Group differences (based on race) will continue and the Last White Man in the room will be not only be blamed, his relative ‘privilege’ serving as prima facia evidence, but will be punished accordingly. In perpetuity.

The only rational response is for whites to do what every other racial bloc does: establish identitarian groups (e.g., Congressional White Caucus, etc.), not to punish or reward persons based on their race, but simply to lobby on behalf of the collective, shared interests of whites… just as Asians, blacks, and Latinos do.

This is not ‘white supremacy’. Nor is it ‘white nationalism’. This is a rational form of ‘white identitarianism’.

There is nothing irrational or defeatist about it.

The alternative is to be the one racial group vainly pretending that race is not a salient factor in culture and domestic politics. One could argue such a position is tantamount to pathological altruism.

We aren’t going to reverse the massive depletion of social capital and trust that multiculturalism engenders (e.g., Robert Putnam’s findings) with pleas to ‘look past race’.

The late founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, is famous for observing: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” This axiom led Yew to state, years later, that “multiculturalism will destroy America.”

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The Nervousness of the Jew

Excerpt from Abraham Myerson’s “The ‘Nervousness’ of the Jew,” Mental Hygiene 4 (1920): 65–72, reprinted in Hart (ed.) Jews and Race: Writings on Identity & Difference, 1880-1940 (2011):

It is idle, of course, to deny that the Jew has an innate character, different from that of other races, which perhaps predisposes him to psychoneuroses and other mental diseases. Unquestionably deeply emotional, clinging to belief and opinion with a tenacity unparalleled in the history of the world, extremely active mentally, and in point of intellectual achievement to be compared only with the great races of the world, he is curiously passive in his resistance and curiously indomitable in his hold on life and success. Accused of materialism and yet furnishing proportionately more social reformers than any other race; accused of materialism and yet responsible for the two most ethical religions in the world; said to be dominated by love of gain, but the birthplace of the ethics that govern his accusers, the Western peoples; a race of contradictions, inconsistencies, strongly individualistic and extraordinarily social, it may well be that such a soil would produce great failure as well as great success, psychoneurosis as well as genius.

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Problematic Mule

Meanwhile, over at Variety, Peter Debruge finds “The Mule”, Clint Eastwood’s latest film, “problematic”.

There’s a word for people like Earl Stone, and that’s “problematic.” Most white Americans have a relative like Earl, who’s old enough to remember a time when good old boys ran the country and everyone else was their inferior. You sort of tense up in their presence, never knowing what kind of politically incorrect garbage will come spewing out — in this case, when Earl refers to a gang of motorcycle-riding lesbians by the nickname they use for themselves…

Exhibit A, your Honor, is the established fact that Mr. Stone referred to a lesbian biker gang by the nickname they chose for themselves. We rest our case.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with presenting bigoted people on-screen, since heaven knows they exist in real life, but the trouble with “The Mule” is that it invites audiences to laugh along with Earl’s ignorance. From here, it’s no great stretch to imagine a movement — call it “Make Hollywood Great Again” — advocating for movies in which politically incorrect characters like the ones Eastwood has played for most of his career will be free to speak their minds again.

Therefore, we must kill politically incorrect humor.

The other [characters] are almost insultingly flat, which is most troubling when it comes to the Latino characters. A few of them actually have names, but most are little more than reductive stereotypes: generically menacing Mexicans who almost certainly have more nuanced reasons for doing what they do. If only the movie afforded them the same attention it lavishes on understanding where Earl is coming from.

I, for one, also think it’s a travesty we haven’t had a sympathetic portrayal of Cartel sicarios, one that seeks to understand how economic security caused them to decapitate rivals and stitch their carved-off faces onto soccer balls.

Anything less is problematic.

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