When all evidence fails, blacks often dial 1-800-CONSPIRACY. Over at MSNBC, strong black woman Tamron Hall listens to ‘Bishop’ Derrick Robinson spin a conspiracy yarn wherein the St. Louise PO-lice set up an otherwise innocent 20-yr old Jeffrey Williams:

Over the weekend, 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams was arrested in connection with the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. But according to Bishop Derrick Robinson, who visited the suspect in jail, the whole thing is a “set-up.”…

…[T]he pastor surprised Hall by saying of the suspect, “I really believe he was set up.” Asked who he was “set up” by, Robinson answered, “Police.”

“Obviously I can’t let you say that he was set up by police. What evidence or proof do you have of that?” Hall asked, noting that Williams has confessed.

Robinson alleged that Williams was “brutally beaten” and “coerced” into confessing by Ferguson police and was not given the opportunity to speak to a public defender.

Black lives matter!

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