72% of Republicans Don’t Identify with What America Has Become

A recent IPSOS poll delimits the contours of the gradual white awakening (i.e., ‘nativism’) taking place in America, and concomitant ‘voting bloc’ this will entail:

More than half (58%) of Americans don’t identify with what America has become. Almost as many (53%) feel like a “stranger in their own country”. This sense of loss is particularly pronounced when we look at party identification: while 45% of Democrats don’t identify with what America has become, a whopping 72% of Republicans don’t. Trump’s populism speaks to this real and emotional sense of economic and cultural displacement…

So who are these nativist voters who might be kingmakers in 2016? They look something like the Republican party in general. They tend to be whiter than the rest of the population, older, less likely to have a 4-year college degree and live in the South.

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