De Blasio on C.P. Time

While it was part of a lame, scripted skit, NYC’s Mayor Bill De Blasio stepped over the ever-encroaching P.C. line:

During an appearance alongside “Hamilton” cast member Leslie Odom Jr. and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton at a black tie event with influential journalists and politicos in the Big Apple this past Saturday, the mayor was teased for taking his sweet time to endorse the former New York senator.

“Thanks for the endorsement, Bill,” Clinton quipped. “Took you long enough.”

To which de Blasio replied: “Sorry, Hillary, I was running on C.P. time.” An audience member can be heard shouting – “No!” – after the line was delivered and was met with only a smattering of chuckles. The term “C.P. time” refers to the racially insensitive term “colored people’s time,” which has perpetuated the stereotype that African-Americans are lazy, unreliable and often late to appointments.

Colored people are relatively lazy and unreliable?

That’s news to me. Ahem.

According to the New York Times’ account, Odom Jr., who appeared to be in on the bit said, “That’s not — I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.” And Clinton added: “Cautious politician time. I’ve been there.”

Ha. Ha.

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