“A First Step” for the “Children of God”

In his speech the other day, The Organizer called them the ‘Children of God’. From The Guardian:

“The Latino vote is going to stay solid Democratic,” said Bill Richardson, a former New Mexico governor and one of the party’s leading Latino figures. “I think the party in deep trouble is the Republican party. They’re digging themselves in a very bad hole with Latino voters for 2016.” Dolores Huerta, a veteran and well-known labour activist, agreed. “I think they can win Congress, but not the presidency. There are 50,000 Latino kids that turn 18 every month – not just on the west coast or in the south-west; you’re talking about Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland.”

It’s only step one:

Last week’s executive action leaves about six million of the estimated 11 million undocumented Latinos vulnerable to deportation, and grants only three-year protection to beneficiaries. The most far-reaching aspect is the creation of a “deferred action” programme that will benefit the estimated 3.7 million undocumented immigrants who are parents of US citizens or permanent legal residents. Activists call it a first step to comprehensive reform. Politically, however, it is a leap which has restored Latino faith in Obama and the Democrats. “This goes a long way,” said Maria Elena Durazo, a leader in the hotel workers’ union Unite. “It will show that a Democratic president had the courage to stand with Latino families.”

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