Africa Tomorrow

BNN has more on the Most Underreported Story of the 21st Century:

The report, from the Geneva-based International Labour Organisation (ILO), states that the economies of developing nations in Africa, Asia, and South America cannot keep pace with the number of young people entering the workforce. The result, especially in Africa, will mean that many are ready to migrate and look for jobs elsewhere – and their main target will likely be Europe Die Welt reports

The ILO report’s findings reflect those of an Austrian Army Intelligence report which estimated the possibility of millions of African economic migrants flooding into Europe by 2020.

Frontex, the European Union border agency, has also noted the trend towards increased African economic migrantion. Last year they released a report warning that West African countries could soon eclipse the Middle East and Central Asia in terms of the number of migrants coming from those regions.

2016 saw the largest wave of migrants crossing from the African continent into Italy over the Mediterranean sea, but Italian lawmakers have vowed to tackle the issue and begin deportations of migrants who fail their asylum claims or are migrating for purely economic reasons.  

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