After the Fall: The Future of Identity

The liberal rag Salon decide to attend Richard Spencer’s “After the Fall: The Future of Identity” conference (Hat tip: AmRen.)

Right off the bat, they (like the MSM) incorrectly equate ‘white racial consciousnes’ with ‘white supremacy’. The former does not entail the latter.

But, hey, f*** nuances when you already have your narrative written?

The first paragraph:

In the basement of Washington’s Ronald Reagan building this Saturday,  100 or so preppy white folks gathered to talk about their disgust with modernity and their embattled race. The room felt like a bunker, windowless and cramped.

A bunker! You know, like Hitler’s. Get it? Isn’t that clever?!

The Salon writer proceeds with smarmy adjectives and quotes all those ‘absurd’ beliefs the conference’s attendees have, like this whopper:

“Do black people as a group care what happens to white people as a group? Does a Mexican dad with three babies care about whether some white kid from the burbs gets a summer landscaping job? Of course not,” Donovan said during his presentation, adding later, “You cannot play fair with people who don’t care if you get wiped off the map.”

What a lunatic!

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