AmRen’s Videos

At American Renaissance, Jared Taylor reports on significant increases in AmRen web traffic:

The rise of Donald Trump and the flood of migrants into Europe have resulted in unprecedented interest in American Renaissance.

Never before have our online videos been so popular, or shared so widely.

The last time I wrote to you, our videos had been viewed 342,000 times over the previous year. I thought that was promising, but in just the last six months, they’ve been watched another 640,000 times — nearly quadruple the previous rate!

One of our videos on Donald Trump has had over 87,000 views. Our video on the “refugee” invasion of Europe has had 230,000 views — and the numbers keep rising.

I used to be excited when a video got 25,000 views in a year.

AmRen is looking to upgrade their video-making capabilities. Help them financially if you can.

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