Andrew WK & The Party Bible

The great Andrew W.K., whose 2001 album I Get Wet was a masterful reinvention of, and injection of fresh blood into, the fading cock-rock musical genre that few other bands, such as the rock and roll saviors known as The Darkness, strive to reinvigorate. (How’s that for double entrendres?).

The production on I Get Wet is, in my opinion, one of the most original and evolutionary advances in hard rock, or to be more precise, what is often defined as ‘metal’, of the past 25 years.

Andrew has made a partying meme his signature existential concern. His Twitter account regularly features zen-like ‘Party Tip’ koans (“Microwave burrito”; “Ponder the fact that if your parents hadn’t partied, you wouldn’t exist”; “Think how awesome it you gave someone a surprise pair of socks today!”), all praising the universal and salutory effect partying has on life’s problems.

Well, his first book, The Party Bible, is being published by Simon & Schuster, and the book’s editor notes:

WK’s first book will be “an unforgettable voyage in search of truth, wisdom, and party bliss” adding “in it, every feeling will be permitted, every thought will become prophecy, and humanity’s surging life force will be harnessed and ridden into the abyss.”

Here’s a humorous video depicting his ‘struggle’ in writing the book:

Do re-associate yourself with Andrew W.K. through his immortal song “Party Hard” from I Get Wet:

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