As San Jose Goes, So Goes the Nation

Four arrests were made in the aftermath of the violent anti-Trump protests in San Jose last week:

After coming under fire from Republican leaders for its handling of protests outside a Donald Trump campaign rally and vowing the violence “will not go unchecked,” the San Jose Police Department on Tuesday released the identities of four teenagers arrested last week.

Ahmed Abdirahman and Antonio Fernandez, both 19, and Robert Trillo, 18, face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. A fourth man, Michael Kitaigorodsky, 19, was arrested for allegedly refusing to follow dispersal orders. Abdirahman is from Santa Clara. The others are from San Jose.

A black muslim, two Hispanics, and one apparently white hipster.

Celebrate Diversity!

The Future of America

The Future of America: Ahmed, Antonio, Robert, & Mikey

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