BBC: Canada’s Growing Extremism

Everywhere they go, even to the unlikeliest of places (such as Austrialia or Canada) they bring radicalism with them.

Many in Canada are now asking: is this a case of “one off” violence inspired by IS, or does a larger problem exists?

While they are still in the minority, Canada is home to a number of extremists who preach radical views.

They have been creating a political space where promoting violence both at home and overseas is becoming acceptable.

Previously, extremist voices such as the Egyptian Canadian Ahmed Said Khadr, who was suspected of links with al-Qaeda, counselled that violent jihad overseas was required, but that violence in Canada was to be avoided.

This has now changed.

Over the past years, a number of young Canadians have departed to be suicide bombers, IS soldiers and terrorist attackers.

Last week, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that they had 63 national security cases linked to terrorism involving 90 suspects. Those include people who intend to go overseas to fight and those who have returned.

Canada, much like the UK and other European countries, has allowed a steady stream of extremist individuals, money and ideology to enter the country.

Since the 1980s, these individuals have set up front groups and charitable organisations to accomplish their goals.

Hey Canada, how’s that ‘diversity’ working out for you?

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