BBC: The ‘Hipster Right’ in Italy

From a BBC piece by Yalda Hakim (yes we can!) titled “Migrant crisis: ‘Hipster right’ group trying to stop rescue ships”:

They call themselves Generation Identity. Made up of mainly 20-something tech-savvy members, the Identitarian movement has been described as the hipster right.

Fiercely anti-immigration and anti-Muslim, its aim is to stop mass migration to Europe. With headquarters in Austria and France, the group may be small in size, but its message is starting to resonate in Italy – a country where sympathy for migrants is wearing thin.

As the number of people seeking to reach Europe rises again, Italy continues to be the major point of entry for those arriving illegally on boats – particularly in the south.

However, attitudes are hardening and now this new “alt-right” movement says it will do whatever it can to protect Italian identity and culture from outsiders.

There is nothing in the article to justify the reporter’s ascription of ‘hipster’ status to GI. I suppose just being well-educated and young suffices?

Regarding the so-called ‘refugees’ entering through Italy:

The vast majority are not refugees fleeing war, but are considered economic migrants and mainly come from sub-Saharan Africa and as far as the Indian sub-continent.

The intrepid BBC reporter corrects one of the racist Generation Identitarians:

“More than 90% of the immigrants coming here by boat are economic refugees,” claims 20-year-old Viviana Randazzo, a newly-recruited member of the Identitarians, although official Italian statistics put the figure at 85%.

Thank god they made that correction.

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