It’s all about reframing.

Some time ago, Sailer equated young male ‘refugees’ going to Europe as like going to Disneyland: free food & apartment, alcohol, skimpily dressed blonde girls, etc. In conversations, I have been using this analogy ever since. It sticks & works with fence-sitters.

Sailer’s many articles surrounding the Most Important Graph in the World are invaluable. In his current piece (“Pew: 70 Million Nigerians Plan to Migrate Over Next 5 Years”), he puts forth another very effective reframing:

“This is why Poland and Hungary would be crazy to accept some of Merkel’s Million Marching Muslim: they would establish beachheads to be exploited by their family and friends over the generations.”

In our arguments, skillful reframing can have a great effect. On the Left, figures like George Lakoff (and before him, Saul Alinsky) have long been arguing this.

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