Bernie & The Blacks

As we all know, the only thing whiter than a Donald Trump rally is a Bernie Sanders rally.

Outside of lily white IA and NH, Boin-y doesn’t do all that well with the colored folks.

Janelle Ross

Janelle Ross

In WaPo, Janelle Ross has a piece (news? opinion column? It’s getting harder to differentiate these days) titled “Bernie Sanders’s real problem with black and Hispanic voters“.

She begins her piece thusly:

Brace yourself. Tough and complicated truths about race and politics are to follow.

That’s a helluva way to start your piece. A rough translation would be: “You white hipster Bernie Sanders fans need to listen to some Truth” (and prepare to be brow-beaten into submission.)

Those who “Feel the Bern” invariably insist that those who don’t are either dumb, don’t understand their own political needs or what and who will truly help them. To some degree, that’s normal when people get really passionate about a candidate or a campaign. But given the professed progressive leanings of those in the Sanders camp and what’s widely known about the group’s near-racial homogeneity, it’s a response that seems like a rather large and telling contradiction. It is a response that seems devoid of any recognition that patronizing language, paternalistic “guidance” and recriminations are, at the very least, the active ingredients in modern and sometimes subtle forms of bigotry…

Both are evidenced by the recent string of endorsement announcements indicating that Sanders has the political seal of approval from a handful of grieving black families whose relatives were killed by police; the decision to put two well- known and black Democratic Party establishments critics (read that as vociferous Obama critics) on the campaign trail; and the decision to hold but not necessarily fully commit to campaign rallies at historically black colleges and universities. Sanders himself did not show up to at least the first two black college campus events.

So, it’s looking to me like Boin-y is a closet racist. Janelle then starts wagging her finger:

Here’s a brief review of relevant events.

Sanders declared himself a Democratic candidate for the White House in April. In July, Sanders responded to a mostly black group of Black Lives Matter protesters at the liberal Netroots Nation even with enough frustration that he stopped speaking and left the stage. He took a similar tack with like-minded protesters at other events that followed. And when Sanders could be pinned down with questions about civil rights concerns such as the specter of police mistreatment or death at the hands of a cop, he seemed to respond most often with a great deal of umbrage and barely restrained anger about having been interrupted or put off his usual stump speech about economic inequality.

Sometimes, Sanders responded with mentions of black youth unemployment that were rather needlessly overstated; the simple truth is really quite bad, after all. And most often of all, there was a reminder that he participated in the 1963 March on Washington.

Sanders may not have meant it this way, but the collection of responses seemed to say ‘Look, I’ve done my part and moved on from civil rights matters. I’m trying to tell you people what you need right now.’ A less charitable read would be: ‘Be quiet and listen.’ Those aren’t his exact words, of course, but they’re really what every Sanders speech, debate performance and public appearance seems to reiterate.

Bernie at podium, clearly agitated.

Bernie at podium, clearly agitated.

So, a chunky BLM lady storms Boiny’s speech at the Nutroots Nation conference, and Bernie leaves. Then, at another event, two other chunky BLM ladies storm Boiny’s stage, proceed to scream in the faces of white folk, within inches of their face (a new, favorite, dominance-gesture on the part of blacktivists), take over the microphone, and roll out an endless rant that did not end. Because Boiny then left the stage… he’s obviously a racist, or, shall we say, ‘not in tune’ with the concerns of victimized blacks in AmeriKKKa.

And when Boin-y leaves the stage after such uncivil BLM behavior, it’s tantamount to him saying ‘Be quite and listen, boy’.

Got that?

Watching the Left eat themselves — whether on college campuses (P.C. run amok), in Hollywood (the Oscar Whiteness Crisis), or in Democratic politics — is a delicious thing to witness.

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