Black Caucus to Shake Down Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is largely male, white and Asian.

But a posse of black congressmen and congresswomen are gonna put an end to ‘dat!

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are flying to Silicon Valley next week to press the nation’s biggest technology companies to hire more African-American workers — a sign that the industry’s well-documented diversity problems are starting to generate new political heat in Washington…

The trip west follows the caucus’ move in May to launch a campaign devoted to pushing tech firms to boost recruitment of African-Americans within the next five years. The caucus long has maintained policy task forces on issues like education, health care and civil rights, but its so-called Tech 2020 initiative marks its first, most direct attempt to tackle the Valley’s troubled hiring record.

I cracked up at this:

For years, many tech companies fought — at times through legal channels — to avoid releasing detailed data about the composition of their workforce. But unceasing pressure from advocates like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, whose Rainbow PUSH Coalition set up shop in San Francisco in 2014, soon dismantled the Valley’s opposition. Their reports, once released, confirmed critics’ worst fears.

‘Ole Jesse shows up to try n’ get a piece of ‘da action, his shakedown routine still apparently able to retrieve some shekels.

Black lives matter!

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