Black Panther Says Tony Stark’s Days Are Numbered

Joe Robert Cole, co-writer of the Black Panther film, spoke at SXSW recently. Cole believes, apparently due to the success of Black Panther the Novelty, that audiences want more woke films, and that Tony Stark’s days are numbered:

Responding to a question on whether superheroes’ values reflect or shape the culture, Cole said: “Think about where we are now, with this very vapid, unintelligent president and our world is crackling on the edges because of that. Think back to Tony Stark, him being douchey and being okay. If that character, Stark, was created in a movie today, I wonder if the response would be like, ‘Oh, it’s cool that he’s douchey and disrespectful to women … That’s fine.’ I think we’re at a different place. I think it’s a better place.”

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