Blacks Happier At Work Than Whites

Over the years, I’ve noticed studies supporting the thesis that blacks, overall, are happier than whites.

How can that be? After all, with Whitey’s rampant ‘discrimination’ and ‘oppression’ of blacks everywhere we look, how could said blacks have smiles on their faces?

It’s been my contention that the people most troubled by society’s supposed racism are not blacks, but liberal whites and Jews.  

Here’s Science Daily on a recent study entitled “Counting on Coworkers: Race, Social Support, and Emotional Experiences on the Job,” which studied 1,300+ state government employees in Tennessee.

Despite working in more routine and less autonomous jobs, having fewer close friends at work, and feeling less supported by their coworkers, blacks report significantly more positive emotions in the workplace than whites, according to a new study in the December issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.

We were surprised by this,” said lead author Melissa M. Sloan, an assistant professor of interdisciplinary social sciences and sociology at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. “Based on the history of discrimination against African Americans in the workplace, we thought blacks would experience more negative emotions at work than whites. As it turned out, the opposite was true.”

Well, for starters, being black and having a state job means you have a job for life, can practically never be fired, and will have a nice little pension at age 55.

But, even in general, blacks are happier have much healthier egos than whites. Blacks have more hedonistic tendencies and aren’t wracked by guilt.

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