BLM Women

As I’ve long believed, the people most concerned and animated by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ narrative are not blacks… but self-hating liberal whites. From Page Six:

Nothing is off-limits for Leslie Jones’ stand-up routine.

“If I see another 45-year-old white woman from Williamsburg saying ‘black lives matter,’ I’m going to punch you in the mouth,” the “Saturday Night Live” star said during her recent four-night stint at New York comedy club, Carolines on Broadway. “Stop doing that.”

In what the New York Times dubbed “a raucous, high-volume” set, the 49-year-old’s politically focused act tackled the Black Lives Matter movement and other protests that have followed Donald Trump‘s presidency.

“Not one black woman out there,” she said of the marches. “Black woman at home watching ‘Housewives of Atlanta.’”

Leslie Jones is the rather grotesque, mannish, gorilla-like, black woman who SNL put on its roster for Diversity Pokemon Points reasons.

Notice, however, how much healthier her sense of racial identity is than the white liberal women of Williamsburg.

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