Blowback 1.0

The Finsbury Park mosque attack suspect is 47-year old Darren Osborne:

The alleged attacker, who reportedly shouted “I want to kill all Muslims”, is reportedly a married father of four…

There is this choice quote:

The anti-fascist campaign group Hope not Hate has said it fears the UK is entering a cycle of “tit-for-tat violence… where the extremes feed off one another, and terror attack propels terror attack.”

The organisation, which campaigns against the far right, said the sheer number of events meant “there can feel a dangerous sense of inevitability to all this”.

Yes, we appear to be entering the next inevitable phase.

As a response, do you think they’ll have their own candlelight vigil, praying for ‘peace and unity’ (as white victims of Islamic terror immediately do as a ‘reaction’) or will they react in a different way?

Vincent Law nails it in “The Latest London Terror Attack On Finsbury Park Mosque Is Just Part And Parcel Of Living In A Big City”:

My advice for the Muslim community is to carry on exactly as before. Get used to it guys. It’s part and parcel of life in London. Learn to live with it.


Perhaps the Anglo-Saxon will learn to hate again.

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