BNN Interview: Pat Buchanan

BNN has a nice interview with Pat Buchanan.

On the concept of ‘nationalism’:

“Look, all of us are American citizens, everyone here who has taken the oath of loyalty to the government of the nation of the United States. But in the world arena, it means that we look out first and foremost for the national interests of the United States of America. We are not acolytes of some ideology, some globalist ideology that dates back to Immanuel Kant and people like that, where we’re going to create some new world order and we’re going to fit ourselves into that,” Buchanan replied.

“Also that we are a country, a unique people with its own culture, with its own identity, with its own history, its own heroes, its own holidays, its own cuisine,” he continued. “We are a separate nation, a different nation from other nations, and in looking out for this, we look out for basically what is our own national family first.”

“This is why governments are formed,” he argued. “If you go back to ‘Federalist 2’ and read what John Jay wrote in there about us sharing various principles and histories and memories, that we are unique and we are separate, we’re not just citizens of the world. I reject that. The nation-state on this earth is about the highest or largest entity to which human beings can give true love and allegiance.”

Of the civilizational inversion we are witnessing:

Buchanan professed he was a “historical pessimist.”

“If you go back and look at the great arc of history and Western civilization, and you see its extraordinary accomplishments, and the fact that the West once really ruled the world, and now the West itself is being colonized and invaded by folks from its former colonies who are changing the character of Western civilization, and, frankly, who disregard many of the traditions and things that we have built, it is hard to be an overall optimist,” he explained.

Of the Left’s growing obsession with stamping out conservative speech (as a logical entailment of the larger-scale, Alt-Right dissent against the Establishment):

Buchanan said he was not surprised by the campus left’s growing hostility to free speech, as manifested in riots and blocking conservative speakers from universities.

“I don’t think the future is going to be very positive in terms of relations among Americans,” he said. “I think, quite frankly, many Americans dislike and detest each other, as I’ve written many times, and really regard the ideas of their opposites as ‘neo-fascist’ and all the other names we’ve been called.”

“I think what is happened here is that an ideology, a political religion, has taken hold among America’s elites and especially among America’s young, where they regard statements and expressions of traditional conservative values and beliefs as really intolerable,” he warned. “They’re racists, they’re sexists, they’re homophobic. They shouldn’t be tolerated because they’re precursors of some sort of fascist future.”

“Therefore, we have to stamp them out, in the way folks in schools would not want people coming in and selling the idea that drugs are good for you and things. … These ideas are evil, and we should have no compunction – frankly, we should have moral certitude – about erasing these ideas because we know the horrendous things they’ve resulted in,” he said.

“So they’re doing this in quite good conscience. I think they’re fanatics, but they’re doing it in good conscience because they sincerely believe what they say about us,” Buchanan observed. “When they call us those names – what did Hillary say about us? – you know, a ‘basket of deplorables,’ racists, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes, bigots. That’s what they think about us.”

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